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T&C/ Bach Courses

These terms and conditions apply to all participants on all Bach courses with Bach Asia (Inner Voice LLP) Singapore.

Attendance and Courses

  • Registration is not transferable to another individual.
  • A participant is required to attend the full duration of the course and Inner Voice LLP reserves the rights to refuse participant from attending the class after 1 hour from the start of class, unless on extenuating circumstances that are at the discretion of Inner Voice LLP.
  • If a participant, having started the course, then withdraws from the course for any reason, the participant will not be able to re-join the class.
  • For Level 1 & Level 2, certificate of attendance will only be issued if the participant has attended 80% or more of the class. 
  • Inner Voice LLP will make every effort to inform participants with reasonable notice in advance, for any venue changes.

Conduct during the course

  • When booking and paying for a Bach course, participants agrees to comply with the rules & regulations of the venue.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that he or she does not behave in an improper or disorderly manner, or in any way, causes risk(s) or  damages to the property.
  • In the event of any inappropriate behaviour, Inner Voice LLP will have the rights to refuse entry to the training venue, and to terminate the student's registration without any refund.
  • The participant agrees to indemnify Inner Voice LLP, for any expenses or liabilities incurred as a result of any such behaviour.

Photo/ Video during course

  • Bach Asia will be taking photos & videos during the duration of the course for the purpose such as but not limited to marketing & archival. 
  • The photos & videos taken will be solely used by Bach Asia and it's partners for the above mentioned purposes.
  • Except expressed permission by Bach Asia, the participant shall not take any photo/ video during the course.

 Payment Terms

  • Attendance is conditional on receipt of the full course fee by Inner Voice LLP, prior to the start of the course. 

Postponement by participant

  • If the participant wishes to postpone, the option is to cancel and apply for the next available run.
Cancellation and Refunds

Notice of cancellation must be received in writing by email and is subject to the following terms:

Package deals

For package deals such as but not limited to L1 & L2,  L2 & L3, the cancellation fees will apply for all the levels that the package includes. If there is any free gift/discount(s) associated with the package, that will be deducted from the remaining paid total as per the table below.

Cancellation is only possible before the first course is conducted based on the Single course schedule below. No cancellation is possible once the first course of the package has been completed.

Single course

On cancellation, the following fees will be deducted from the paid total.

Administrative fee S$180 (Level 1 & 2), S$400 (Level 3)
Free Gift(s)/Discount(s)  (If Any) Prevailing Price(s)

The balance will be processed based on the table below:

Notice of cancellation received Refund Amount

2 weeks (14 days) before start of course
E.g. Course starts 15 Oct
This cancellation window will be by end of 1 Oct

1 week or less before start of course
E.g. Course starts 15 Oct
This cancellation window will be by end of 8 Oct
No refund
No refunds of will be made for the following circumstances:
i. absence from the course
ii. conduct problems as indicated in the Conduct during the course terms listed above. 
In the event that the course is postponed by Inner Voice LLP, the participant will be offered one of these two choices:
  1. Join the next available run.
  2. Cancel the registration to get a full refund.
    Inner Voice LLP will not be responsible for the reimbursement of any additional costs incurred, beyond the total fees paid for this course. 

Data protection

If accepted as a participant, you agree that Inner Voice LLP may use your data for the following purposes:

  • send you information relating to courses, products & services that we provides, and for the collection of course feedbacks
  • provides the necessary information to third-party such as but not limited to, venue provider, course organiser/co-organiser, in order to fulfil the course, product and/or services to you 

Except in connection with the activities described above or where required to do so by law, we will not disclose your data to third parties without your permission.

Inner Voice LLP takes all reasonable precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your data.


  • I understand that the course I attend is provided for the purpose of working with my emotions, and not for relieving physical pain, and/or curing any illness(es). If I experience any discomfort during the course, I will inform the teacher and/or the organiser immediately. I understand that it is my choice to attend the course.
  • I confirm that my participation in the course, and any related activities is entirely voluntary and I accept all risks involved therein. I indemnify Inner Voice LLP, the teachers, and partners for any loss, damage, injury or illness of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused, suffered by me directly or indirectly, of taking the remedies and attending the course.


  • I have read the above information carefully, understand its contents, and agree to attend the course under these conditions by signing up.