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UK Bach Centre-approved Courses

As the first Bach Centre-certified teachers in S.E.A, Deki & Hong Seng have organized and/or conducted over 130 classes of Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 locally, and being invited to teach in countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Bhutan.

By attending our Bach courses, one is able to help themselves and their loved one effectively and increase personal knowledge of Dr. Bach’s philosophy to enrich one’s life.

Level 1 course provides a solid foundation in the system. 

Level 2 gives students the opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of the remedies.

Level 3 is for people who wish to use the remedies professionally or incorporate them into an existing wellness practice. Level 3 teaches you to use the remedies in a professional practice.

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As Bach Centre-approved teachers, the listing of our courses can also be found on The Bach Centre’s website.