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Pre Price Revision Sale, 18 Apr 2024

It has been more than 10 years since we have made any price revision despite many pricing changes and rising costs, as we hope to keep the price accessible. Especially the recent 2-3 years with the GST increase that leads major price hike across many, if not all sectors. We are finally unable to absorbed all the rising costs without any significant impact to our business.

Almost all the product prices will be revised upwards, and the FREE shipping option will be increased from S$120 to S$150.

Before this increase, you might like to take this chance to stock up on any items that you might need, before we make this final adjustment that will happen on this Sun 10pm. 

Do note that we are not adjusting the prices for some of our courses, as they are affected in a lesser way.

Thank you for being a new customer upon seeing this and making a purchase, or being our valued continued supporter.

We hope to continue to provide you trusted remedy products, and in our services and courses.

Hong Seng
For the team at Bach Asia